Estimated Cost of Playing

Registration: Cost is approximately $150.00 per year. This goes to support the clubs administrative cost as well as player scholarships. In addition it covers the cost of the team training camp. We believe it's critical to bring the team together to develop and prepare them physically and work on their technical and tactical skills. The camp is tailored to meet the team's specific needs. It's also important to develop team chemistry.

SYSA Registration Fee: approximately $100

League Team Fee: Approximately $7.00 per player per year

Uniform Cost: $70.00 to play (Jersey, Shorts, and Socks). Uniforms can last up to 3 years.
With accessories the cost can go as high as $185.00 (with optional warm-ups, back packs etc.)

Tournaments: Teams generally play 2 to 3 tournaments during the year, with tournament costs varying between $20-35 per player, money is collect when the team registers for a tournament.