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Scotties Gear

Scotties Gear can be ordered online through SOCCER.COM. Please visit SOCCER.COM to browse Scotties gear.

Team Kit Required Items (minimum)

  • 1x Blue Nike Tiempo II Jersey
  • 1x White Nike Tiempo II Jersey
  • 1x Nike Equaliser Short
  • 1x Nike Classic III Sock (additional pairs are highly recommended)
  • 1x Nike Club Team Swoosh Backpack
  • 1x Blue Practice Jersey - Badger C2 Poly Top
  • 1x White Practice Jersey - Badger C2 Poly Top

Note for Goal Keepers:

  • The Scotties branded goalie jerseys, Nike Long Sleeve Park Goalie II Jersey, are available but may be substituted with an existing/alternate jersey.

Additional Notes:

  • Girls Kits will show both the youth jersey and women's jersey as required. Because they are different cuts, the images must be shown this way but only one or the other is required (1x Blue and 1x White jersey).
  • Fan Gear will be added shortly. Some fan gear is available in the "Coaches" offerings.